Thursday, July 21, 2011

Platform# 9 3/4

Accio Happiness !!  
Wouldn't it be lovely if we could  summon anything and everything just like that!
For those unaware(although I think that community doesn't exists ;) ), this is a Summoning Charm  (as used/referred in Harry Potter movie/book series). Accio is a latin word, meaning 'I call' or 'I summon'.
Last Saturday (7/16),  I had my last date (unless J K Rowling thinks otherwise) with the Harry Potter series. And how wonderful it was to bid goodbye to Harry potter and co. in 3D. To be frank I have never been a fan of 3D movies. This as it occurs to me was my 3rd movie in 3D (the other being, 'Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' and 'Gulliver's Travels') and it seems this third dimension has failed to put any interest in my mind. If anything, the 3D glasses proved a bit frustrating as it looked there was a wall keeping me from enjoying the movie as much as I would have done otherwise.
So if you are still thinking why a post on the Potter boy, well for one I am too obsessed with Potter and co. (as people around me would know already ;) ) and the other would be clear with the length of the post.
For those of you who had a brush with Potter series books/movies, did you ever imagined yourself in any of the roles? I think may be not, the imagination of J K Rowling came out to be a best seller. This is something that goes beyond 'imagination runs wild'. It seems out of this world to have actually thought of such a plot, especially if we mention the kind of characters and names (apart from the story-line).
If you are a kind of person who imagines himself/herself in place of movie stars when they show up onscreen, I am sure the imaginations would would be at top speed here as well !! Why cant you be a Harry Potter (with all the tags of 'Chosen One' and someone who survived the Killing Curse twice) or a Dumbledore (with all the world' knowledge and more than a perfect guide to Potter) or a Voldemort (arguably one of the most powerful/dangerous Wizards ever known and someone who was feared by quite a handful)? The answer would simply be dependent on your choice. Its not what fate makes us to be, its what we make ourselves in to...courtesy, our choices and decisions.
It surely wasn't the prophecy alone that made Harry what he was, it was his will and choices that he turned out to be an admiration even in between people who never liked him for a start (a reference to Draco Malfoy and the scene in 7th book when these two faces each other at 9 3/4, right at the end). It is the choices that we make in our life that makes us what we are, with a touch of fate and a pinch of fortune.
Think about it; if you have all the world' knowledge (at least in your field) and experience but still are a down-to-earth person you would befit a Dumbledore. If you are resilient and famous for the courage and never say never spirit person, Harry would be more apt and if you want to conquer everything no matter what...well I am afraid a Voldemort title is more suiting. And you may meet people who go about their business so unselfishly that the world just becomes a more soothing place to live in, thus as you would have guessed be more towards a Snape community.
If you ask me..personally I would love to be a Ron. I mean who wouldn't mind being opposite Emma Watson anyway ;)
So, the next time you are wobbling with your thoughts; give it a good amount of time to decide if it's Harry, Dumbledore, Snape or Voldemort that fascinates you. For a Hogwarts in real world in not just a school where they teach you magic, its a simple and wonderful world where you learn and gather the priceless experiences.
Will leave you with a quote and some updates on J K Rowling' next.
Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home!

What the above quote means for each of us, still depends on our choices and decisions! :) Keep thinking and have a good time till we meet next! 
And by the way for all Potter fans, if you are not already aware, here is what J K Rowling is up to next Potter : what's more. Do visit and take a min to sign up. You sure wouldn't like to be missed out.
Enjoy the trailer of the last movie that released worldwide on 7/15.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Six years and counting

On 6th July 2005 morning I held in my hand (and a copy in my official Inbox) a letter which was a proof of my acceptance in the company (my first employer and the name is out of context, really ;) ) as a 'Software Engineer'. The moment made me feel as if the whole education, which was by the way 12+3+3 since I am a post graduate with MCA degree, and the boring classes and scary exams were all worth it.
As a confirmation, I am now six years and a couple days old in the IT industry of India and feels nice to be part of the booming industry. At least that's what I thought staring at the letter that day as it seemed no one would be more happier than me, only to discover some sleepless nights and a lot of bugs (in my official inbox of course). Who thought it would be my Manager rather than girls calling me to report online or attend a meeting call no matter where I was (ok, I agree..pun intended ;) ).
Jokes apart, the journey has been an awesome one. Doesn't matter if I had to stay in the office to work 20+ hrs, it used to be fun playing football with a couple of colleagues in the bay area at 2am in the morning so we could be fresh and not sleep somewhere on some table beside a computer screen who would (if possible) be screaming to let it take its place silently. The experience of what industry is (or could be) has been more on a positive side, thanks to the group of people involved and the guidance (read, shielding). 
It was good to be working with the best in the business/market. So where it was a lifetime experience working with the best employer (courtesy few awards and surveys) in India, my US client was easily giving some sleepless nights to the best in the market.
One day on my way back to my apartment in US from my client location, a passerby said its a dream company you work for and I felt my chest would have measured more than a body builder that moment. 
Here is a sneak peek at the building:

It was all pure fun, from being present for a click just in front of the senate house in Washington (pick here) to standing close to the Cassius Clay' famous boxing gloves in US museum and a click in front of the White House. None would have been possible if computers and java weren't there :-P
Me in front of Senate House
Recollecting first five, six years of Job is not easy. I agree it wasn't fun standing in queue to get the I94 stamped at Chicago airport at 5am PST after being in the flight for almost 15 hrs. Neither it was exciting waiting 7 hrs at the Paris airport for connecting flight to Philadelphia nor it was relaxing to roam around inside the Frankfurt airport waiting to come back to India. But it sure is fun to go through the moments even if its only on a blogging site and in front of someone reading this to know how much more will I write on this post ;). Don't worry its ending soon!

Just before I end, hats off to the people who helped be being a better professional then I was when I started. A sincere thank you !!
With all the promotions and raises, I changed employer a year back to be in a different domain and environment. Looking to complete another 5-6 yrs soon :), till then the journey to creating software continues with lunch and sometimes dinner with a few bugs :).
Hope you enjoy the read...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Of Social media war and G+ vs FB

If you are wondering this is something technical..take a chill pill, just grab a coffee mug (or a cold coffee glass, as in my case) and settle in a nice comfy seat. So since I work in a social media my debut blog starts with some mind thoughts on the same topic as well.

Last week I got in to Google+ (referred to as G+),  thanks to an invitation from a colleague (thanks Deepak,  I owe you one). So what did I find? Frankly, nothing more than what we are used to on Facebook. So why so fuss? Mostly, its not about what G+ is? It's about, what it is apart from FB?
G+ has a nice interface and I think its how you are able to navigate thru either of them (read G+ and FB). You find it at ease with G+ and most people who have tried G+ will agree. So blogs are being written on which is better and most importantly if Google will succeed this time after orkut, buzz, wave and what not. And as if this wasn't enough, everyone is finding it interesting ( +1 as in G+) or rather surprising that Mark Zuckerberg is on G+. You ask me and the only interesting thing in there was the embarrassment that Google ppl might have faced, since they are also on FB, but.....(figure it out ;-) )
But seriously, social media has got enough space to let both these and others survive. Though Google and Mark may not agree with me on this. I am enjoying the battle and so should others. Keep an eye open for the FB updates next week, plus keep reading on what Google is up to. I am sure G+ is not only about social interactions..what's say?
As a note, my wife is trying the Android apps for both these and she tells me that where as G+ app is cool, the new updates to FB aren't far behind.
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