Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Of Social media war and G+ vs FB

If you are wondering this is something technical..take a chill pill, just grab a coffee mug (or a cold coffee glass, as in my case) and settle in a nice comfy seat. So since I work in a social media my debut blog starts with some mind thoughts on the same topic as well.

Last week I got in to Google+ (referred to as G+),  thanks to an invitation from a colleague (thanks Deepak,  I owe you one). So what did I find? Frankly, nothing more than what we are used to on Facebook. So why so fuss? Mostly, its not about what G+ is? It's about, what it is apart from FB?
G+ has a nice interface and I think its how you are able to navigate thru either of them (read G+ and FB). You find it at ease with G+ and most people who have tried G+ will agree. So blogs are being written on which is better and most importantly if Google will succeed this time after orkut, buzz, wave and what not. And as if this wasn't enough, everyone is finding it interesting ( +1 as in G+) or rather surprising that Mark Zuckerberg is on G+. You ask me and the only interesting thing in there was the embarrassment that Google ppl might have faced, since they are also on FB, but.....(figure it out ;-) )
But seriously, social media has got enough space to let both these and others survive. Though Google and Mark may not agree with me on this. I am enjoying the battle and so should others. Keep an eye open for the FB updates next week, plus keep reading on what Google is up to. I am sure G+ is not only about social interactions..what's say?
As a note, my wife is trying the Android apps for both these and she tells me that where as G+ app is cool, the new updates to FB aren't far behind.


  1. I agree to the fact that the G+ may be more than just social n/wing. Will wait to see what they introduce more. By the way, just so you know FB' group chat and Skype thing will be really interesting.
    Keep writing..I enjoyed the post :)

  2. Unfortunately I couldn't take a sneek peak at G+ so can't say much but definately expecations from Google are high as always..waiting for the G+ launch day....

  3. Hi, if anybody have left their G+ invitation, then please send it on my email


  4. @संयोग श्रीवास्तव
    Hello bhaiya,
    I just send you an invite on the mail id you provided.


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