Friday, July 8, 2011

Six years and counting

On 6th July 2005 morning I held in my hand (and a copy in my official Inbox) a letter which was a proof of my acceptance in the company (my first employer and the name is out of context, really ;) ) as a 'Software Engineer'. The moment made me feel as if the whole education, which was by the way 12+3+3 since I am a post graduate with MCA degree, and the boring classes and scary exams were all worth it.
As a confirmation, I am now six years and a couple days old in the IT industry of India and feels nice to be part of the booming industry. At least that's what I thought staring at the letter that day as it seemed no one would be more happier than me, only to discover some sleepless nights and a lot of bugs (in my official inbox of course). Who thought it would be my Manager rather than girls calling me to report online or attend a meeting call no matter where I was (ok, I agree..pun intended ;) ).
Jokes apart, the journey has been an awesome one. Doesn't matter if I had to stay in the office to work 20+ hrs, it used to be fun playing football with a couple of colleagues in the bay area at 2am in the morning so we could be fresh and not sleep somewhere on some table beside a computer screen who would (if possible) be screaming to let it take its place silently. The experience of what industry is (or could be) has been more on a positive side, thanks to the group of people involved and the guidance (read, shielding). 
It was good to be working with the best in the business/market. So where it was a lifetime experience working with the best employer (courtesy few awards and surveys) in India, my US client was easily giving some sleepless nights to the best in the market.
One day on my way back to my apartment in US from my client location, a passerby said its a dream company you work for and I felt my chest would have measured more than a body builder that moment. 
Here is a sneak peek at the building:

It was all pure fun, from being present for a click just in front of the senate house in Washington (pick here) to standing close to the Cassius Clay' famous boxing gloves in US museum and a click in front of the White House. None would have been possible if computers and java weren't there :-P
Me in front of Senate House
Recollecting first five, six years of Job is not easy. I agree it wasn't fun standing in queue to get the I94 stamped at Chicago airport at 5am PST after being in the flight for almost 15 hrs. Neither it was exciting waiting 7 hrs at the Paris airport for connecting flight to Philadelphia nor it was relaxing to roam around inside the Frankfurt airport waiting to come back to India. But it sure is fun to go through the moments even if its only on a blogging site and in front of someone reading this to know how much more will I write on this post ;). Don't worry its ending soon!

Just before I end, hats off to the people who helped be being a better professional then I was when I started. A sincere thank you !!
With all the promotions and raises, I changed employer a year back to be in a different domain and environment. Looking to complete another 5-6 yrs soon :), till then the journey to creating software continues with lunch and sometimes dinner with a few bugs :).
Hope you enjoy the read...

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  1. good and very positive notes as you did not mention anything about recession :-)

  2. nice catch :), wanted to leave out the bad part ;)

  3. good one...the first part will remind every SE of his beginning..reminds me mine at least :). Was lucky to have you as mentor and witness your journey for at least some time..:)

  4. it was nice to have you in the team buddy!!

  5. Good one Mili but where is exactly the sweet 16 people who dared to be with u for those 5 years and still going on ;) ????????

  6. Good one yar ;) you have the ability to become a good writer :)

  7. Thanks Neha!
    So you all 'dared' to be with me ;-) come on I am not that bad;-)
    I agree it was difficult to write about all the important ppl, less I miss someone. Anybody n everybody was too important to have been missed.
    But read again, I paid my tribute to everyone :-)

  8. Thanks Ajit, I will take that compliment any day :-)

  9. Tremendous writing...Now I have added one dream also in my mind that someday a passerby will also say to me that I m working in a big dream company too..wats say!!!


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