Monday, August 1, 2011

A wonderful weekend

It was 5am on a Saturday morning when the cell alarm disturbed my cozy early morning sleep. It took me ages to put it down and around 10 more minutes to get out of my bed. The only thought, as you would assume, was to somehow get back in the bed and doze off. Hate getting up that early. The next moment I opened my eyes, I was in the company of my toothbrush; beginning to mull over the various lovely dreams I rather be busy with at this hour. It should have been a couple of minutes when my mother inquired about the time the taxi was to arrive. '6:15' I said..loud enough for her to hear and soft enough not to disturb my own tipsiness. She didn't ask me to repeat so I assumed she got the message.
The taxi was on time and so was I, thanks largely to my wife for nearly all of the packing. I was sad she was missing out on this trip due to some other commitments we couldn't miss (another matter that I knew it was going to be too hot and dry for her to enjoy).
It being a Saturday and early morning time, didn't find much traffic on road and so reached the railway station a comfortable 20 or so minutes still for the train to leave. A look at the big info board confirmed that my train was waiting at platform#5. Another 5 minutes and there I was, a nice window seat and a book that promised a good read through what I expected to be not more than 4.5 hr journey. 
My destination, the hottest place I have been to in my life, was my birth place..Dholpur, Rajasthan. The train, the best I know to travel there, Taj Express. A few minutes later, my watch said its 7:10 and the train started the move. 'Nice...', I exclaimed, its good to start on time as I was too eager to reach my place. Even after so many years the place still instills a calmness in me, guess that' where I belong..away from much hype of the modern cities and hullah-bullah.

Nice weather it was, cool breeze..seemed it was to rain quickly and it would be cats and dogs as and when it happens. Another 20 or so minutes and I thought to start with the book or else I will die of boredom. The book is indeed a good read (Selective Memory, Stories from My Life), Shobha De' autobiography couldn't be lull. 
Some thudding sounds took my attention (as I was too engrossed in the book) and my head moved to see people bringing their window doors down. So much was my engrossment with the book that it took me a while to realize my arm (towards the window side) was a little wet and the skin was cooling down with the nice cool wind. Another second and I had to shut the window, much to my displeasure. Hand tightly gripped around the book and eyes all set on the rain outside...wasn't sure what was more enjoyable at that moment!!
With such a nice weather what better existed in this world apart from the book in my hand and a nice cup of coffee, I didn't know :). That's what I did for some more time, enjoying Mrs. De' narration with a nice cup of coffee. The coffee was no match to my wife' version but at the moment seemed something I could live with. The rain followed the train till Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The moment we moved more towards my destination it was getting dry and hot. The first 3.5hrs were cool with the weather being really nice to me. The next, however, was much the opposite, dry..sultry...pipping hot! It stayed like that for that day and next till I boarded the same train back to Delhi.
The stay was as enjoyable as ever. A puja to attend which my relatives made sure had some media attention to take some pics and videos. I heard my uncle repeatedly spelling my name to them to make sure it read correctly in the next day' article :) 
Around 3 hrs in that serene environment, I spent rest of the day going around the place which was as green as possible. Spotting a peacock wasn't difficult, if anything, it was more difficult to capture him. The pic on the right was the closest I was able to reach him in at least 10-12 shots. I missed my digital camera and a zoom feature in my Nexus S cam.
It sure was a tiring day but I enjoyed it with utmost pleasure. After I retired to bed, who knows when I fell asleep. The next morning with me enjoying a nice sleep, my cousin was at the top of his voice to call me in his room. Hurried as I was, I reached there with his finger pointed to the TV set in the corner of the room. It was the news and the video (shot the day before featuring me) in the local news channel :)
My uncle handed me the local newspaper with the article in there, smiling as he was, and I knew name was perfectly spelled in there!!
As always, for those interested here is some food for your smart phones...the QR code for this post. 


  1. Hmm :)) It's new "Milind" even buddy you are so much introvert on your philosophical thought.

    You always be ready on your Tech approach/ Product creativity / Marketing approach creativity as much as any one wants!

    But it's blog where we can see a new "Milind"

    Go Meera GO !! LOL

  2. Really Good One and Good selection of words

  3. great jij...u write damn good ,so deep that feels me i m there.


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