Monday, December 5, 2011

Diwali to Thanks-Giving

For an eight post and a few months old blog, its enough flattery that I am being constantly asked for when the next post is coming. So the first question I am obliged to answer is where I have been since my last post that was some 50 days back. The answer is, just here! I decided to dedicate a post just to sum things up since my last interaction with you all on this platform. The presence on the virtual world have been as much as it has been in the past, though I have been just a touch away from my blogging habit.
So, in between a couple of nails puncturing my car wheel and a stupid driver making sure my car needed it's first visit to the body-shop department with the SX4' fourth anniversary just close-by, there was enough to do during the festival days.

Diya made out of thermocol beads
Apart from my car not able to celebrate the festival of lights with me, the celebration and the festivities were so much engaging. The decorations in the office and the environment for a couple of days was more of an enjoyment than tiredness. It was nice to be decorating the new building that we shifted in around a couple of months back. A sample of what I contributed is on the right :) 
I couldn't realize how much my car has been involved in my day to day life, not till the accident took place. Luckily, me and my colleague accompanying me didn't had any impact. My car had to be in the body-shop for a few days though, and that was for sure the moment I stepped out to have a look at the impact point. The rest of the days till I got the car back were going to be a little troublesome. 

With Diwali next day, the shopping and gift distribution took nearly double the time as it normally would. At the body-shop they told me it would take around a couple of weeks for the insurance formalities and the repair work to be done. Diving in to a loong weekend gave a bit of respite from travelling and I knew it will have to be the all famous auto rickshaws that will be giving me the ride once the weekend and festival gets over and I am back to my home-office-home routine.
For Diwali, this time, I decided a little more than usual light-cover for my house. And with my better half asking (more of a command ;) ) the same, I couldn't afford another thought on this!
On the right is a sneak peak for you of how the exterior looked like after the lights were installed and functioning. The lights that you see on top of the big tree should look awesome but were as hard to put that  way as you could imagine. That's a guava tree by the way and the fruits on it are usually very sweet, barring a couple of exception when I am not as patient to let them grow big enough. The hard work was paid as the final look (as seen in this pic) was worth a watch. The people passing by during the late evening and night hours couldn't afford not to be jealous of the view. I decided to leave it through for five rather than 3 days :)!

The next two weeks following the Diwali break, were not so comfortable with the auto rickshaw as my ride on my way to office. Got a feel of how much my car has been a part of my day to day life and how much have I been dependent on it for the past nearly 4yrs since I bought my priced possession. Two weeks and my little beauty was back with me and my daily ease just seemed to have come back. Now, I wasn't thinking twice to go out.

During the festive season it was so much fun out there in the markets. The same kind was out there in other parts of the world as my close friends started sharing the the news/pictures of how it was getting on with Thanks-Giving approaching soon. It's always fascinating to read stories about how crazy people could be during these days when its such a fun not only to roam around in the streets but to shop with all sorts of discounts available. And, there are the big guns in the market who love to be in news during these festive times. So we had Apple coming out with a new version of their iPhone and Google announcing a new version of their OS plus a new phone to accompany the mystery. 

One of my friend forwarded a link which had the account of 2 friends who were queuing in front of an Apple store to be the first to take the new version of iPhone 4S. So they were there all day and all night long for quite a number of days and on top were blogging on their websites while being there. Crazy or what !!!!!!! I remember I was in US during the launch of first iPhone...wasn't as much craze then. I agree you got to give it to Apple there.

On the same talks, being a Nexus S owner myself, I am also waiting for the new android version upgrade available for my smart phone. Sadly its been a long wait already as I was thinking it would come by Thanks-Giving. But the latest that I hear is that Google has started the ICS (Android 4.0) dogfooding. Cnet confirms the reports and so does android policeHopefully, I won't have to wait till next year for the upgrade.

With October a big celebration month in here, November and December are made sure the tempo is kept up. Q4 anyway has been very very up, take your pick on 'what'. As for me, since I changed my employer last year..Q4 has been a little relaxing. From what I hear from my ex-colleagues in that company, it's still the same. Hopefully with the last month of the quarter and this year already on its roll, I hope the hectic season comes to an end for all of them. Since I have been part of that group for quite long, I know how hard it goes down there as this festive season picks up. The amount of work that goes in the background is amazingly huge and tiring.
Before I close this post, as a Thanks-Giving note all all my friends, co-workers (current or past) and everybody else.. Thanks for making the world a better place to live in!!

Just as a note, in case you guys haven't noticed. Each of my posts now accompany a 'ApnaCircle' (AC) share button at the end of each of them. Have fun sharing :)


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