Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sahana Made Us Wait !!

The time to be on toes was here. Baby Shower went really well and relatives were now back to their respective places. It was time I broke the news out to at least a few people around my social network just so my paternal leaves doesn't come as a surprise to them. Till now we kept the news a secret. Intentional? Yes sort of. But it was more because I was kept rather busy and "after a few more days" really never came till now. Baby Shower event planned on the Google Plus event also meant it was the mother to be' first pics that went on air since we discovered the news on the last day of January. Circling the pics anywhere else was a strict no no.

Landed straight here, don't forget to read the First Part of this trilogy: It's Confirmed!! 

Around 18 days after we visited the gynec, we were told to report early morning on 17th in the hospital for a check up. Not sure why she chose Monday. We never the less had to obey, considering she has been spot on with the predictions. 17th morning felt a little edgy and thus it was just obvious that the day started around 5am; yes an early start but it was for both of us. A little chit chat and we made sure we were ready for a 8am presence on the 3rd floor Max Hospital, Noida.

Feeling incomplete? Because you forgot to read 2nd part : When Baby Shower Went Live!!

With all papers besides us we were there on time. Well almost! Wife was admitted to the labour's room for some checkup and it was around 2hrs later that the doctor told me she has started with the cramps. Cramps? But she didn't mention feeling any. Just a coincidence that we landed in hospital on the right day and at the right time?

It was already 4hrs with me on the same seat. The only update I had by then was that the doctor was waiting for the mom to be to go in to labour. How much time? She didn't know but gave a 8pm window. OK, it was going to be a long long day. Surprisingly a busy day for the docs and nurses that day. Normally I was allowed to go inside during the checkups considering there weren't any other patients, not today with the labour room already to its full. It was after five hrs I got to see my wife. Contractions started but very little and the baby wasn't moving down that well. My wife was kept on a liquid diet and we were looking towards a caesarian delivery?

Around four to five deliveries already done (all caesarian) the place was getting emptier by the evening. I had no clue of our turn even now. Going to be 10hrs and the anxiety was already at its high. I was sure my wife was having a tough time. I was finally again let in by the nurse once the labour room had only my wife there. I could make it out that she desperately wanted to deliver normally. She has worked hard in the past months for a normal delivery and the patience was round the corner to be broken. A 10min talk with her was all I got still unsure of how she will carry it up.

I was rather more edgy than my wife at that point. Unsure of the time, the gynec told me she will have another look at around 10pm to decide on the delivery. Considering the baby doesn't move down well, she said we will go in for a caesarian. At that point it looked more tough with the clock really moving slow. I didn't want the effort and patience on my wife' part to go in vain. Anything I could do? Pretty much nothing.   

Another couple of hours till the next visit and the update was that the baby started moving down well. A lot of distance to cover yet the doctor decided a last visit at 1am in the night. Considering the doc was already waiting for us to have a normal delivery and was respecting my wife' patience, there wasn't pretty much I could ask her. In the meantime due to a rush that day it was hard for me to secure a room where we could move once we had the baby out. I think it was around 12am that I finally got the room. Already tired and a lot of phone calls to handle, it was getting much tougher. Already around 16hrs outside the labour room, no food no water and it seemed like I caught the nurses attention too!

Trying not to be in too much attention I finally decided to shift to the room which was n the same floor and not much away. Already 1am and no sight of the doc. I inquired and was told she would be there in some time. Another half an hour and I decided to come out and be at the same place I was for the last 15hrs or so. But it wasn't till 2am that I finally saw the doc going in. She asked me to wait till she check on my wife. Another 10min and she told me that it seems to be in good condition for a normal delivery but she will have another check in 20min time. And that she will now stay with her till we have the delivery. Enough of a relief!

I moved back in to the room with the nurse assuring she will call the moment there is any news. Sitting in the room for another 20 or so min felt like a lifetime. When I suddenly felt like my eardrums reacted to a baby crying I nearly ignored considering baby nursery was also on the same room. It was 2 min after the nurse came rushing in to tell me that baby has been delivered. I rushed out of the room with the labour room entrance on other side of the small corridor. There I saw the nurse coming slightly out of the door, with the baby in her arms. Majestic site to see the baby!!

3:05am on 18th Sept 2012, my wife delivered the best gift possible. Shipping charges? For the moment I didn't care ;)

Phone call to my mom to inform her was all I could make in the excitement. She was already ready to come to the place and it was very hard to finally agree he to wait till the morning. She finally settled for a 7am visit.

My wife spent a good 18hrs inside the labour room. I spent around the same time outside. The result is just priceless. It wasn't till 6am that I got to see my wife. Wonderful girl really, couldn't make out from her face she just came out after a marathon delivery time. The next wait was for the cute little girl. Although the nurse made me see her in the nursery for a couple of minutes, it wasn't for another half hour that she was sent to her parents in the room. Before the girls came in I had a brief talk with the doc to thank her for the patience she had in waiting for so much time. She had one thing to say, "your daughter wanted to be delivered normally" :)

The pic of my daughter that I took in the nursery is a private one, rests only with me. But here are a few more that took afterwards on the day (and later when) we Christened her "Sahana", with the nick name Mish.
Sahana Shrivastava

Friday, November 30, 2012

When Baby Shower Went Live

Start of the 6th month gave a bit of worry on the sugar front. The readings were going a bit high and so were the insulin dosages. The poor mom-to-be had to adjust her diets strictly to what the dietitian suggested. My wife known to have a sweet tooth had to keep away the sweets. To me and my mom's surprise the lady was bearing the restrictions well. The day used to start with meds at 5:30 am in the morning and end at around 11 in the night with the last bit of them. Me in her shoes, NO I couldn't. It was too tough, thanks to the sugar levels.

Also read the 1st part of this post: It's Confirmed.

The doc on the other hand was very cool. The highlight of the whole visits throughout the pregnancy period was the anticipation of the doc about the conditions. Knowing her for some time did help with my wife' history already known to her. So her telling us beforehand on the rise of sugar levels always helped us plan mentally during this phase. With the help from the doc we were more able to concentrate on preparations for the baby shower and enjoy the phase rather worry about the different types of the readings. And then the baby reactions were getting on for us to enjoy. For all the few times we were able to sneak through the restrictions for a movie outing, the kicks frequency were more than the usual with the loud sounds. Rather than worry they were more suggestive of her enjoying the sounds. Seems the baby was enjoying whatever few chances we got like these. 

The ultrasounds were getting interesting too with the doctor always making it a point to share that the baby enjoyed these sessions as well. The level II revealed the baby was camera shy and loved to cover the face with some hand movements. Besides we knew mom to be was hungry whenever she received more kicks than usual :). Although the ultrasounds suggested the delivery date to be late September,  gynec made it clear the delivery would be somewhere around the mid of that month; again related to the sugar levels we saw during this phase and throughout. It then became important to plan the baby shower before the end of August or very start of September to be sure to complete it well in advance and be ready for the special time. The date was finalized to be 26th August.

When Baby Shower Went Live
The planning for baby shower were a bit urgent and the date meant a few relatives would miss out on attending the event. Instructions of my mom and the mom to be were clear, "it should be perfect and every relative should be able to attend". The poor father to be had a lot on the plate. 25th being a birthday celebration for my cousin was the best start to the party mood. Those who could make it for the baby shower were already here, so it had to be a wonderful birthday and the small party was wonderful. Time for the next morning that should start a bit early. Every thing was set. "The only issue is to make sure something went to the people missing out on the event", was what my wife retired for the day with. The pics would obviously go to them but it won't be that special. Wait, did she say "event" ? I slept the night with a smile, finally thing I got the icing part of the cake!

The next morning started really early and we had to make sure everyone was ready for the ceremony to start in time. No worries with all my sisters and cousins being there. Everyone was ready before time, the last bit was to find a second Android phone. Yeah the "event" was planned on Google plus and was setup to be relayed live. Well nearly live. Everyone would be able to see the pics with a lag of may be 10 sec. Me and my birthday cousin being the photographers for the event. So while the ceremony went really well with a lot of blessings for the gorgeous lady I would have ever seen in my life, the event on Gplus was helpful to make the event play live in Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal, Bangalore and USA; making the day just as we wanted it to :)

The day deemed a galore of smiles and satisfaction on the night, but was there time for relaxing? Being a first time parent has its anxiety and it was getting high. Join me for the 3rd part when I reveal the events that took place between morning of 17th and afternoon of 18th. Plus how we ended up christening the baby. Coming soon...

 [Image Credits: Google Plus Events Gallery]

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Confirmed!

Just the lethargic time of the day when you feel like lying on the sofa with the idiot box turned on. I was rather in that small corridor sometimes standing to a still and sometimes strolling up n down on the mere 10 steps area. It wouldn't have been like more than a 5-7 min wait but the edgy feeling was making it feel much more than that. I would rather have knocked on the door and inquired but the lady herself opened it to call me in. Right in front was the small decent size screen and from the distance I was at it was clear what was showing up in there.

The small room that it was only a few steps were enough to take me closer to the screen with my wife right there on the left of it. Already bearing a smile and I knew what to expect and search on the screen the next moment. My flow was broken by the doctor working on what I supposed should be called a keyboard if that screen was a computer screen. With her nearly winding up the check up, the moment she realized I was close enough to hear her normal voice; she did speak something which in my excitement felt like I missed a miniature part of the sentence but the main thing.. "it's confirmed".

If there was a name to that feeling I don't know. If it was the best I don't know. What I know is that there was a much elated sorts coming in the next second when she asked me to have a look at the screen. My eyes saw something like Arjuna would have seen that bird' eye. It felt like there wasn't anything left right, top or bottom to what I was looking at. 31st January 2012, a near week after we celebrated my wife' birthday I got a return gift. A news that couldn't have come at a more appropriate time considering the time we both decided on. What I was looking at was a first exclusive look of my baby to be born around 8 months after. My wife was, at that moment, five weeks pregnant and she never looked more gorgeous to me in the past 4yrs we were together. We couldn't help but smile looking at each other, still thinking of what we saw on that magical screen that day.

A couple of calls, one to the gynec and one to my mother, after we got to our senses were all the activity we could afford at that moment besides making sure I drove us back carefully to the house. While my wife' doc was happy and composed at the same time, my mother couldn't have been more happy on the other side of the call. After a couple of minutes of talk the next 15 minutes were just plain instructions that I had to listen, memorize and follow, till she comes back from her visit. I don't think I heard her more happier, not in the recent times. With too much complaints from her of making her wait see my next generation, it was time she got to her elated self. "No outings, no movies and no work for the next few days before I get back". The only option I had was to obey. The next couple of weeks were going to be tough, managing home n office is only a woman's mastered thing; absolutely not for men. Or at least not as mastered.


A couple weeks later it was time for mom to get back and a lot of relief for me. Not easy taking care of a pregnant lady, is it? The first 3 months belonged to extra care and we missed our normal outings and movie weekends. We weren't complaining even a bit. Once the 3 months were over it was a relaxing time. Not that the hospital visits got any less. More so since now it was the time for physician and the dietician to play their role. Courtesy the gestational diabetics that kicked in at the time that our gynec already warned us of. From then on it was added meds and insulin injections to be administered on our own. And that was after the physician ordered a 2 day stay in the hospital so she could monitor the sugar levels.

The visits to physician every week, gynec every 2 weeks and the sugar tests every 10 days started for a routine till the delivery time. Guesses on a baby boy or a baby girl were getting more n more on the moment we reached the  month. It started to be a surprise on how many of our relatives were talking about the born to be baby. My wife started complaining of the time at which we should start deciding the names. Which at this time would mean names for a boy as well as a girl. We finally decided it would be somewhere late in the third trimester.

The last trimester was going to be more fun than we actually thought. The name finding and the so waited baby shower were all to be done and prepared for. How it went? I think I will keep it for the next part :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This One For My Car

It was 9 in the morning when I rang up Nirulas, Sector 2 Noida, to book a table. Fingers crossed. I was doubtful but was hoping to get a nice seating place in the upper section for the meeting at noon the same day. It was the start of April in 2007 and the summers were just starting to pick up. Luckily I did get a nice place booked. After the call it was hard to keep track of time as it flew and I had to rush so as to be in time. It after all isn't considered good manners to make a girl waiting ;-)
07th April 2007, the first time I met my then would be wife! Dressed in the best dress for for the day and she still insists it was her intuition to be wearing pink color. Something I doubt till today but dare ignore ;-) For the records, we married later that year and yes..each other!!
A year later on our first anniversary (1st meeting anniversary that is), actually a day late, I gifted my wife one of the few priced possession I have as of now; a Maruti Suzuki SX4!!
We decided it was time I bought a car. My first choice to be honest was a Honda city, a little over budget, a little too good and class apart. I wasn't aware of the SX4 model until one of my close friend suggested I have a look. Some online research and some look and there was no doubt this is what its going to be! It was a new model that Maruti introduced from its partner company, around 6 months back in India then. Reviews were good, look was awesome and a little less expensive then my first choice.
It has served well..too bad had to deal with one visit to the body shop last year but apart from that its been fabulous to posses and ride.
This one for the fourth anniversary of my 2008 model Maruti Suzuki SX4!!

Milind Maruti SX4

Sunday, April 8, 2012

ICS for dessert

My dear phone just completed a year and though Google was a bit late in celebrating the anniversary,I was happy the Android community didn't forget it. Most of you would already know what I am talking about here. For those still clueless here is more.
Google finally started to roll out the new version of Android. Code named ICS (Ice cream sandwich) as Google follows the alphabetic ordering of dessert names since it bought Android. So the version 4.0 started its journey from the lab to Android devices (only a selective ones) somewhere in December last year. Nexus S, the Google phone, was reported to be receiving the update first. Me being a proud owner of one was eagerly waiting for the over-the-air update, only to be disappointed as even after a few weeks there was no sign of any update. A force system check, as few forum experts suggested, didn't help much. And then the news that the update has been suspended due to a few bugs. I kept checking for the next month till the first anniversary of my phone. But who ever would know with Google.

Galaxy Nexus, the new Nexus line phone and the first device to be on ICS was in to quite a few markets with owners of Nexus S still waiting hopelessly for a word from Android community. Nexus One owners were disappointed as Google already made it clear the device will not get any update on ICS. I left looking in to the system checks since past couple of months. Thanks to xda developers quite a few Geeks were able to flash their respective smart phones with a custom ROM provided by the community. But since that required rooted device, the only option I had was to read about the features made available in the new version and in doing that just wait for Google's mercy. I had no idea on when Google again started sending out the upgrade to devices left out in the first round. This time luckily Google decided mine was to be included. While browsing a app on my phone I was suddenly presented with a upgrade popup. It took me a while to get it that it was the update I was waiting for nearly 5 months. The ICS was finally here :-)
The smell of the new dessert was better than expected. Once I nodded in affirmative to the upgrade request, it was around 20 minutes and there you go. Android version 4.0.4, the newest available in market, and the look was enough of a pleasure!
A new notification bar, new font, new apps (especially the Gmail, YouTube and message conversation look), a new way to dismiss individual notifications was worth a 5 month wait and a 20 minutes in to the update...a creamy feeling of using a new look phone; priceless ;-)
Since the past 2 days..its been neighbours envy, owners pride.. and no its not the Onida ad we were so used to!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Reminiscence Or Déjà vu: Let It Be What It Is

It was around 3:00pm, on Sunday 19/02, in the afternoon when I went to my backyard garden to pick up the chairs that were empty now. Much quieter than they were around an hour back in time. Boring as well and lonely too! The sun however was still shining brightly and the wind was with enough speed to suggest the evening will be colder than it was the last night. I decided it would be worth sitting there for a while, just to enjoy the sunshine; or else it would be another week before I get the opportunity. Well within I was just remembering the time I spent there with a couple of kids and my relatives.
An hour in to time since my relatives left for the railway station and it was already feeling dull. Just about an hour back two cute kids were playing there with me in the backyard here with the sweetest chirp you could imagine. The place was much quieter, the roads were empty. The squirrel doing the round of the boundary was gone and the pigeons whom my nephew was so happy to see, were already hiding themselves in the space between floors or the upper balcony corners.
The weekend was busy with relatives and was much more fun. My cousin and sister-in-law must be visiting after some 10yrs or so. And it was the first time I had the pleasure to meet both my niece and nephew. My niece being old enough to know my name and relation, my nephew still in the infancy could get to be comfortable with me only after I had a few grapes to share with him :), one of his really favorite fruit.
It used to be fun some 10-12 yrs back with me still sharpening my study path and my cousins still just about entering the job arenas. With time we all get busy only to realize the importance of those days at times like this weekend when we meet after a gap of few years. Facebook and gtalk have made it easier to be in touch with each other, but then the charm of having a cup of tea or sharing the breakfast,lunch and dinner table has its benefits. A sense of Déjà vu always exists and we still remember how good it was during those days, being in the same city; just about 20-30 min apart has its benefits I guess.
A "come in" was enough to break my thought process. My wife and mom calling me inside and I was sure they were feeling it dull as well. It has always been good spending time with my maternal aunt and uncle to take a few lessons and discuss things that I otherwise don't have time for. Though I wasn't able to spent much time during the week with my aunt, the evenings were a galore. Being a working guy has its disadvantages as well. The idiot box was switched back on without any cartoon channels and we all were back to our usual with me back to my laptop, waiting for a call from my cousin to confirm they are in the train.
Let's hope the good excuses (like the marriage a couple of days back) continue to happen, so we relatives can take some time out of our busy schedule and meet each other if only after a few years, if only for a couple days.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

702 kms for a bit of sunshine

Just happens to be the first running post and it already seems I am kind of reporting :-). And since this is my first this year, I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that it started and will continue to be a very fruitful one for all of you.
Just so you know, I am on my way to a city in the heart of India, Bhopal, and currently on a train. With something like 7° Celsius outside, feels like 3°, I am in a nice AC compartment. And just as I put this down on the blogger android app, a fellow passenger just ushered in to her phone that its looking like the coldest day this winter. Coincidental. 
The weather is surely rocking, and both ironically and frankly I don't like travelling in winter. Not until my Mom has a wedding to attend and I don't like the idea of her travelling alone. I hope it is fun in this winter. As for me its going to be another bustling weekend. Moving to and fro for the two loves of my life. After a nice chirping hour the family travelling alongside has finally settled down. A couple of Indian girls currently residing in London have no idea what it is like travelling in an Indian train. How do I know its their first time? Not knowing what to do with the bed-sheet packet, accompanying a quilt, gives it away and so does not knowing how to pull down the Side Lower berth from a sitting position to a sleeping one. Should be reaching Mathura any time now and its better I take a nap, with the hope (and fingers crossed) that I will reach my destination on time. Hmmm should be a sound sleep and hope I don't get up to someone asking me why these train move so much while running ;) I should catch you now when I board New Delhi Shatabdi tomorrow on my way back to Delhi and should brief you how the morning went. Stay tuned! ...................... 
18:20 that's what my phone's clock strikes just now. On my way back to Delhi and currently on a window seat on New Delhi Bhopal  Shatabdi, which is apparently running 3hrs behind schedule. Not to the liking of course, not me not anybody else. To continue where I left: I woke up this morning in the train, surprisingly not to the question of why the Indian trains move so much but rather to a couple of chirpy remarks of 'this is expected of Indian trains'. Do agree sometimes but it's difficult with all the fog around, but as I kept checking the weather; at no point my weather app detected any sort of visibility problem. And I assure you its pretty accurate for the few months that I am using it. So wasn't so sure of why we were behind schedule. Reached the destination some 3.5 hrs late. Catching a train back to Delhi in a few hours was a disturbance already. Caught hold of an auto rickshaw to reach my maternal Grandfather' place, first of my two destinations in what was to be a very short n tiring bit of a stay in the city. Landed around 10:30am and greeted to a very nice bit of sunshine, a majestic feeling for someone from the north at this time of year. A quick shower and a standing breakfast was all the time I had. The next deep breath was in another auto rickshaw to my second destination..to meet my eldest sister, in her house, where my youngest sister already joined her. Just as I entered I was welcomed with two kids on a bet to who reaches my arms first. My two nephews :). Just the sight itself takes all the tiredness away. 
I stayed there for a few hours, more than what I initially expected. Courtesy the Shatabdi, my train back to Delhi, running around 2.5 hours late. I made sure to arrive at the station in time to see the train arrive, which by now was 3hrs behind its schedule. Another half an hour as expected to clean up and the doors were open to let everyone take their respective seats. See you soon after I settle down in my seat.
About to Set
Its been an hour in to the journey. A welcome drink and a start up snack and I am looking at a late entry in to my house. Still to see if the train is able to make up on some of the lost time. In between all this and my first really reporting kind of a post, I just realized that I still haven't put down a title for this post. So yes that's one thing to think about. Just clicked a couple of pics to the sun going down on a very busy day for me. Here is one of them to your right.
Its difficult sitting for some 7-8hrs especially when hitting the bed is all that's there on your mind. I think its going to be a couple of movies and this blog keeping me company. I so much would like to publish this post right away as soon as I finish this but for some pics and tracking thing, I think I will have to wait for tomorrow. I don't trust the blogger app for a nice formatting anyway. See you tomorrow and till then I will enjoy the movies and hopefully will reach home without freezing, from station to home, in to the night when this train makes it to Delhi.
Ok, took me some time getting back to this once I was home. I reached Delhi at 2am in the morning and was stopped midway trying to cover up for the auto rickshaw drive when its driver told me that today the train is early. I thought I heard something wrong and had to reconfirm. The same train previous day reached at am in the morning. Considered myself lucky there then.
2:45am when I reached home and from then on all I remember is waking up at around 11am. And oh by the way since this post is my first as a 'you get as it happens', so I decided not to do any editing or proof reading on this one. So mind my typos if there are any :-). The last thing I have is  to think of a title here for this post, yes still pending ;) And I must admit that the title of my Blog 'All in a Day' absolutely well fit for this one.
Missing the Bhopal sunshine already.....
Hope you had a good time on the read!!

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