Sunday, January 22, 2012

702 kms for a bit of sunshine

Just happens to be the first running post and it already seems I am kind of reporting :-). And since this is my first this year, I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that it started and will continue to be a very fruitful one for all of you.
Just so you know, I am on my way to a city in the heart of India, Bhopal, and currently on a train. With something like 7° Celsius outside, feels like 3°, I am in a nice AC compartment. And just as I put this down on the blogger android app, a fellow passenger just ushered in to her phone that its looking like the coldest day this winter. Coincidental. 
The weather is surely rocking, and both ironically and frankly I don't like travelling in winter. Not until my Mom has a wedding to attend and I don't like the idea of her travelling alone. I hope it is fun in this winter. As for me its going to be another bustling weekend. Moving to and fro for the two loves of my life. After a nice chirping hour the family travelling alongside has finally settled down. A couple of Indian girls currently residing in London have no idea what it is like travelling in an Indian train. How do I know its their first time? Not knowing what to do with the bed-sheet packet, accompanying a quilt, gives it away and so does not knowing how to pull down the Side Lower berth from a sitting position to a sleeping one. Should be reaching Mathura any time now and its better I take a nap, with the hope (and fingers crossed) that I will reach my destination on time. Hmmm should be a sound sleep and hope I don't get up to someone asking me why these train move so much while running ;) I should catch you now when I board New Delhi Shatabdi tomorrow on my way back to Delhi and should brief you how the morning went. Stay tuned! ...................... 
18:20 that's what my phone's clock strikes just now. On my way back to Delhi and currently on a window seat on New Delhi Bhopal  Shatabdi, which is apparently running 3hrs behind schedule. Not to the liking of course, not me not anybody else. To continue where I left: I woke up this morning in the train, surprisingly not to the question of why the Indian trains move so much but rather to a couple of chirpy remarks of 'this is expected of Indian trains'. Do agree sometimes but it's difficult with all the fog around, but as I kept checking the weather; at no point my weather app detected any sort of visibility problem. And I assure you its pretty accurate for the few months that I am using it. So wasn't so sure of why we were behind schedule. Reached the destination some 3.5 hrs late. Catching a train back to Delhi in a few hours was a disturbance already. Caught hold of an auto rickshaw to reach my maternal Grandfather' place, first of my two destinations in what was to be a very short n tiring bit of a stay in the city. Landed around 10:30am and greeted to a very nice bit of sunshine, a majestic feeling for someone from the north at this time of year. A quick shower and a standing breakfast was all the time I had. The next deep breath was in another auto rickshaw to my second meet my eldest sister, in her house, where my youngest sister already joined her. Just as I entered I was welcomed with two kids on a bet to who reaches my arms first. My two nephews :). Just the sight itself takes all the tiredness away. 
I stayed there for a few hours, more than what I initially expected. Courtesy the Shatabdi, my train back to Delhi, running around 2.5 hours late. I made sure to arrive at the station in time to see the train arrive, which by now was 3hrs behind its schedule. Another half an hour as expected to clean up and the doors were open to let everyone take their respective seats. See you soon after I settle down in my seat.
About to Set
Its been an hour in to the journey. A welcome drink and a start up snack and I am looking at a late entry in to my house. Still to see if the train is able to make up on some of the lost time. In between all this and my first really reporting kind of a post, I just realized that I still haven't put down a title for this post. So yes that's one thing to think about. Just clicked a couple of pics to the sun going down on a very busy day for me. Here is one of them to your right.
Its difficult sitting for some 7-8hrs especially when hitting the bed is all that's there on your mind. I think its going to be a couple of movies and this blog keeping me company. I so much would like to publish this post right away as soon as I finish this but for some pics and tracking thing, I think I will have to wait for tomorrow. I don't trust the blogger app for a nice formatting anyway. See you tomorrow and till then I will enjoy the movies and hopefully will reach home without freezing, from station to home, in to the night when this train makes it to Delhi.
Ok, took me some time getting back to this once I was home. I reached Delhi at 2am in the morning and was stopped midway trying to cover up for the auto rickshaw drive when its driver told me that today the train is early. I thought I heard something wrong and had to reconfirm. The same train previous day reached at am in the morning. Considered myself lucky there then.
2:45am when I reached home and from then on all I remember is waking up at around 11am. And oh by the way since this post is my first as a 'you get as it happens', so I decided not to do any editing or proof reading on this one. So mind my typos if there are any :-). The last thing I have is  to think of a title here for this post, yes still pending ;) And I must admit that the title of my Blog 'All in a Day' absolutely well fit for this one.
Missing the Bhopal sunshine already.....
Hope you had a good time on the read!!


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