Monday, February 20, 2012

Reminiscence Or Déjà vu: Let It Be What It Is

It was around 3:00pm, on Sunday 19/02, in the afternoon when I went to my backyard garden to pick up the chairs that were empty now. Much quieter than they were around an hour back in time. Boring as well and lonely too! The sun however was still shining brightly and the wind was with enough speed to suggest the evening will be colder than it was the last night. I decided it would be worth sitting there for a while, just to enjoy the sunshine; or else it would be another week before I get the opportunity. Well within I was just remembering the time I spent there with a couple of kids and my relatives.
An hour in to time since my relatives left for the railway station and it was already feeling dull. Just about an hour back two cute kids were playing there with me in the backyard here with the sweetest chirp you could imagine. The place was much quieter, the roads were empty. The squirrel doing the round of the boundary was gone and the pigeons whom my nephew was so happy to see, were already hiding themselves in the space between floors or the upper balcony corners.
The weekend was busy with relatives and was much more fun. My cousin and sister-in-law must be visiting after some 10yrs or so. And it was the first time I had the pleasure to meet both my niece and nephew. My niece being old enough to know my name and relation, my nephew still in the infancy could get to be comfortable with me only after I had a few grapes to share with him :), one of his really favorite fruit.
It used to be fun some 10-12 yrs back with me still sharpening my study path and my cousins still just about entering the job arenas. With time we all get busy only to realize the importance of those days at times like this weekend when we meet after a gap of few years. Facebook and gtalk have made it easier to be in touch with each other, but then the charm of having a cup of tea or sharing the breakfast,lunch and dinner table has its benefits. A sense of Déjà vu always exists and we still remember how good it was during those days, being in the same city; just about 20-30 min apart has its benefits I guess.
A "come in" was enough to break my thought process. My wife and mom calling me inside and I was sure they were feeling it dull as well. It has always been good spending time with my maternal aunt and uncle to take a few lessons and discuss things that I otherwise don't have time for. Though I wasn't able to spent much time during the week with my aunt, the evenings were a galore. Being a working guy has its disadvantages as well. The idiot box was switched back on without any cartoon channels and we all were back to our usual with me back to my laptop, waiting for a call from my cousin to confirm they are in the train.
Let's hope the good excuses (like the marriage a couple of days back) continue to happen, so we relatives can take some time out of our busy schedule and meet each other if only after a few years, if only for a couple days.


  1. Very touching and nicely narrated …we miss you all too.

  2. can soo relate to your post..miss my family lie anything..though can not connect to the title of the article.."deja-vu" ?????

    1. oh come on I am sure you can connect to this as well.. type this in google and you will know: "define:Déjà vu"
      by the way, thanks for dropping by :)


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