Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This One For My Car

It was 9 in the morning when I rang up Nirulas, Sector 2 Noida, to book a table. Fingers crossed. I was doubtful but was hoping to get a nice seating place in the upper section for the meeting at noon the same day. It was the start of April in 2007 and the summers were just starting to pick up. Luckily I did get a nice place booked. After the call it was hard to keep track of time as it flew and I had to rush so as to be in time. It after all isn't considered good manners to make a girl waiting ;-)
07th April 2007, the first time I met my then would be wife! Dressed in the best dress for for the day and she still insists it was her intuition to be wearing pink color. Something I doubt till today but dare ignore ;-) For the records, we married later that year and yes..each other!!
A year later on our first anniversary (1st meeting anniversary that is), actually a day late, I gifted my wife one of the few priced possession I have as of now; a Maruti Suzuki SX4!!
We decided it was time I bought a car. My first choice to be honest was a Honda city, a little over budget, a little too good and class apart. I wasn't aware of the SX4 model until one of my close friend suggested I have a look. Some online research and some look and there was no doubt this is what its going to be! It was a new model that Maruti introduced from its partner company, around 6 months back in India then. Reviews were good, look was awesome and a little less expensive then my first choice.
It has served well..too bad had to deal with one visit to the body shop last year but apart from that its been fabulous to posses and ride.
This one for the fourth anniversary of my 2008 model Maruti Suzuki SX4!!

Milind Maruti SX4

Sunday, April 8, 2012

ICS for dessert

My dear phone just completed a year and though Google was a bit late in celebrating the anniversary,I was happy the Android community didn't forget it. Most of you would already know what I am talking about here. For those still clueless here is more.
Google finally started to roll out the new version of Android. Code named ICS (Ice cream sandwich) as Google follows the alphabetic ordering of dessert names since it bought Android. So the version 4.0 started its journey from the lab to Android devices (only a selective ones) somewhere in December last year. Nexus S, the Google phone, was reported to be receiving the update first. Me being a proud owner of one was eagerly waiting for the over-the-air update, only to be disappointed as even after a few weeks there was no sign of any update. A force system check, as few forum experts suggested, didn't help much. And then the news that the update has been suspended due to a few bugs. I kept checking for the next month till the first anniversary of my phone. But who ever would know with Google.

Galaxy Nexus, the new Nexus line phone and the first device to be on ICS was in to quite a few markets with owners of Nexus S still waiting hopelessly for a word from Android community. Nexus One owners were disappointed as Google already made it clear the device will not get any update on ICS. I left looking in to the system checks since past couple of months. Thanks to xda developers quite a few Geeks were able to flash their respective smart phones with a custom ROM provided by the community. But since that required rooted device, the only option I had was to read about the features made available in the new version and in doing that just wait for Google's mercy. I had no idea on when Google again started sending out the upgrade to devices left out in the first round. This time luckily Google decided mine was to be included. While browsing a app on my phone I was suddenly presented with a upgrade popup. It took me a while to get it that it was the update I was waiting for nearly 5 months. The ICS was finally here :-)
The smell of the new dessert was better than expected. Once I nodded in affirmative to the upgrade request, it was around 20 minutes and there you go. Android version 4.0.4, the newest available in market, and the look was enough of a pleasure!
A new notification bar, new font, new apps (especially the Gmail, YouTube and message conversation look), a new way to dismiss individual notifications was worth a 5 month wait and a 20 minutes in to the update...a creamy feeling of using a new look phone; priceless ;-)
Since the past 2 days..its been neighbours envy, owners pride.. and no its not the Onida ad we were so used to!
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