Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Confirmed!

Just the lethargic time of the day when you feel like lying on the sofa with the idiot box turned on. I was rather in that small corridor sometimes standing to a still and sometimes strolling up n down on the mere 10 steps area. It wouldn't have been like more than a 5-7 min wait but the edgy feeling was making it feel much more than that. I would rather have knocked on the door and inquired but the lady herself opened it to call me in. Right in front was the small decent size screen and from the distance I was at it was clear what was showing up in there.

The small room that it was only a few steps were enough to take me closer to the screen with my wife right there on the left of it. Already bearing a smile and I knew what to expect and search on the screen the next moment. My flow was broken by the doctor working on what I supposed should be called a keyboard if that screen was a computer screen. With her nearly winding up the check up, the moment she realized I was close enough to hear her normal voice; she did speak something which in my excitement felt like I missed a miniature part of the sentence but the main thing.. "it's confirmed".

If there was a name to that feeling I don't know. If it was the best I don't know. What I know is that there was a much elated sorts coming in the next second when she asked me to have a look at the screen. My eyes saw something like Arjuna would have seen that bird' eye. It felt like there wasn't anything left right, top or bottom to what I was looking at. 31st January 2012, a near week after we celebrated my wife' birthday I got a return gift. A news that couldn't have come at a more appropriate time considering the time we both decided on. What I was looking at was a first exclusive look of my baby to be born around 8 months after. My wife was, at that moment, five weeks pregnant and she never looked more gorgeous to me in the past 4yrs we were together. We couldn't help but smile looking at each other, still thinking of what we saw on that magical screen that day.

A couple of calls, one to the gynec and one to my mother, after we got to our senses were all the activity we could afford at that moment besides making sure I drove us back carefully to the house. While my wife' doc was happy and composed at the same time, my mother couldn't have been more happy on the other side of the call. After a couple of minutes of talk the next 15 minutes were just plain instructions that I had to listen, memorize and follow, till she comes back from her visit. I don't think I heard her more happier, not in the recent times. With too much complaints from her of making her wait see my next generation, it was time she got to her elated self. "No outings, no movies and no work for the next few days before I get back". The only option I had was to obey. The next couple of weeks were going to be tough, managing home n office is only a woman's mastered thing; absolutely not for men. Or at least not as mastered.


A couple weeks later it was time for mom to get back and a lot of relief for me. Not easy taking care of a pregnant lady, is it? The first 3 months belonged to extra care and we missed our normal outings and movie weekends. We weren't complaining even a bit. Once the 3 months were over it was a relaxing time. Not that the hospital visits got any less. More so since now it was the time for physician and the dietician to play their role. Courtesy the gestational diabetics that kicked in at the time that our gynec already warned us of. From then on it was added meds and insulin injections to be administered on our own. And that was after the physician ordered a 2 day stay in the hospital so she could monitor the sugar levels.

The visits to physician every week, gynec every 2 weeks and the sugar tests every 10 days started for a routine till the delivery time. Guesses on a baby boy or a baby girl were getting more n more on the moment we reached the  month. It started to be a surprise on how many of our relatives were talking about the born to be baby. My wife started complaining of the time at which we should start deciding the names. Which at this time would mean names for a boy as well as a girl. We finally decided it would be somewhere late in the third trimester.

The last trimester was going to be more fun than we actually thought. The name finding and the so waited baby shower were all to be done and prepared for. How it went? I think I will keep it for the next part :)


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