Friday, November 30, 2012

When Baby Shower Went Live

Start of the 6th month gave a bit of worry on the sugar front. The readings were going a bit high and so were the insulin dosages. The poor mom-to-be had to adjust her diets strictly to what the dietitian suggested. My wife known to have a sweet tooth had to keep away the sweets. To me and my mom's surprise the lady was bearing the restrictions well. The day used to start with meds at 5:30 am in the morning and end at around 11 in the night with the last bit of them. Me in her shoes, NO I couldn't. It was too tough, thanks to the sugar levels.

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The doc on the other hand was very cool. The highlight of the whole visits throughout the pregnancy period was the anticipation of the doc about the conditions. Knowing her for some time did help with my wife' history already known to her. So her telling us beforehand on the rise of sugar levels always helped us plan mentally during this phase. With the help from the doc we were more able to concentrate on preparations for the baby shower and enjoy the phase rather worry about the different types of the readings. And then the baby reactions were getting on for us to enjoy. For all the few times we were able to sneak through the restrictions for a movie outing, the kicks frequency were more than the usual with the loud sounds. Rather than worry they were more suggestive of her enjoying the sounds. Seems the baby was enjoying whatever few chances we got like these. 

The ultrasounds were getting interesting too with the doctor always making it a point to share that the baby enjoyed these sessions as well. The level II revealed the baby was camera shy and loved to cover the face with some hand movements. Besides we knew mom to be was hungry whenever she received more kicks than usual :). Although the ultrasounds suggested the delivery date to be late September,  gynec made it clear the delivery would be somewhere around the mid of that month; again related to the sugar levels we saw during this phase and throughout. It then became important to plan the baby shower before the end of August or very start of September to be sure to complete it well in advance and be ready for the special time. The date was finalized to be 26th August.

When Baby Shower Went Live
The planning for baby shower were a bit urgent and the date meant a few relatives would miss out on attending the event. Instructions of my mom and the mom to be were clear, "it should be perfect and every relative should be able to attend". The poor father to be had a lot on the plate. 25th being a birthday celebration for my cousin was the best start to the party mood. Those who could make it for the baby shower were already here, so it had to be a wonderful birthday and the small party was wonderful. Time for the next morning that should start a bit early. Every thing was set. "The only issue is to make sure something went to the people missing out on the event", was what my wife retired for the day with. The pics would obviously go to them but it won't be that special. Wait, did she say "event" ? I slept the night with a smile, finally thing I got the icing part of the cake!

The next morning started really early and we had to make sure everyone was ready for the ceremony to start in time. No worries with all my sisters and cousins being there. Everyone was ready before time, the last bit was to find a second Android phone. Yeah the "event" was planned on Google plus and was setup to be relayed live. Well nearly live. Everyone would be able to see the pics with a lag of may be 10 sec. Me and my birthday cousin being the photographers for the event. So while the ceremony went really well with a lot of blessings for the gorgeous lady I would have ever seen in my life, the event on Gplus was helpful to make the event play live in Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal, Bangalore and USA; making the day just as we wanted it to :)

The day deemed a galore of smiles and satisfaction on the night, but was there time for relaxing? Being a first time parent has its anxiety and it was getting high. Join me for the 3rd part when I reveal the events that took place between morning of 17th and afternoon of 18th. Plus how we ended up christening the baby. Coming soon...

 [Image Credits: Google Plus Events Gallery]


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