Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sahana Made Us Wait !!

The time to be on toes was here. Baby Shower went really well and relatives were now back to their respective places. It was time I broke the news out to at least a few people around my social network just so my paternal leaves doesn't come as a surprise to them. Till now we kept the news a secret. Intentional? Yes sort of. But it was more because I was kept rather busy and "after a few more days" really never came till now. Baby Shower event planned on the Google Plus event also meant it was the mother to be' first pics that went on air since we discovered the news on the last day of January. Circling the pics anywhere else was a strict no no.

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Around 18 days after we visited the gynec, we were told to report early morning on 17th in the hospital for a check up. Not sure why she chose Monday. We never the less had to obey, considering she has been spot on with the predictions. 17th morning felt a little edgy and thus it was just obvious that the day started around 5am; yes an early start but it was for both of us. A little chit chat and we made sure we were ready for a 8am presence on the 3rd floor Max Hospital, Noida.

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With all papers besides us we were there on time. Well almost! Wife was admitted to the labour's room for some checkup and it was around 2hrs later that the doctor told me she has started with the cramps. Cramps? But she didn't mention feeling any. Just a coincidence that we landed in hospital on the right day and at the right time?

It was already 4hrs with me on the same seat. The only update I had by then was that the doctor was waiting for the mom to be to go in to labour. How much time? She didn't know but gave a 8pm window. OK, it was going to be a long long day. Surprisingly a busy day for the docs and nurses that day. Normally I was allowed to go inside during the checkups considering there weren't any other patients, not today with the labour room already to its full. It was after five hrs I got to see my wife. Contractions started but very little and the baby wasn't moving down that well. My wife was kept on a liquid diet and we were looking towards a caesarian delivery?

Around four to five deliveries already done (all caesarian) the place was getting emptier by the evening. I had no clue of our turn even now. Going to be 10hrs and the anxiety was already at its high. I was sure my wife was having a tough time. I was finally again let in by the nurse once the labour room had only my wife there. I could make it out that she desperately wanted to deliver normally. She has worked hard in the past months for a normal delivery and the patience was round the corner to be broken. A 10min talk with her was all I got still unsure of how she will carry it up.

I was rather more edgy than my wife at that point. Unsure of the time, the gynec told me she will have another look at around 10pm to decide on the delivery. Considering the baby doesn't move down well, she said we will go in for a caesarian. At that point it looked more tough with the clock really moving slow. I didn't want the effort and patience on my wife' part to go in vain. Anything I could do? Pretty much nothing.   

Another couple of hours till the next visit and the update was that the baby started moving down well. A lot of distance to cover yet the doctor decided a last visit at 1am in the night. Considering the doc was already waiting for us to have a normal delivery and was respecting my wife' patience, there wasn't pretty much I could ask her. In the meantime due to a rush that day it was hard for me to secure a room where we could move once we had the baby out. I think it was around 12am that I finally got the room. Already tired and a lot of phone calls to handle, it was getting much tougher. Already around 16hrs outside the labour room, no food no water and it seemed like I caught the nurses attention too!

Trying not to be in too much attention I finally decided to shift to the room which was n the same floor and not much away. Already 1am and no sight of the doc. I inquired and was told she would be there in some time. Another half an hour and I decided to come out and be at the same place I was for the last 15hrs or so. But it wasn't till 2am that I finally saw the doc going in. She asked me to wait till she check on my wife. Another 10min and she told me that it seems to be in good condition for a normal delivery but she will have another check in 20min time. And that she will now stay with her till we have the delivery. Enough of a relief!

I moved back in to the room with the nurse assuring she will call the moment there is any news. Sitting in the room for another 20 or so min felt like a lifetime. When I suddenly felt like my eardrums reacted to a baby crying I nearly ignored considering baby nursery was also on the same room. It was 2 min after the nurse came rushing in to tell me that baby has been delivered. I rushed out of the room with the labour room entrance on other side of the small corridor. There I saw the nurse coming slightly out of the door, with the baby in her arms. Majestic site to see the baby!!

3:05am on 18th Sept 2012, my wife delivered the best gift possible. Shipping charges? For the moment I didn't care ;)

Phone call to my mom to inform her was all I could make in the excitement. She was already ready to come to the place and it was very hard to finally agree he to wait till the morning. She finally settled for a 7am visit.

My wife spent a good 18hrs inside the labour room. I spent around the same time outside. The result is just priceless. It wasn't till 6am that I got to see my wife. Wonderful girl really, couldn't make out from her face she just came out after a marathon delivery time. The next wait was for the cute little girl. Although the nurse made me see her in the nursery for a couple of minutes, it wasn't for another half hour that she was sent to her parents in the room. Before the girls came in I had a brief talk with the doc to thank her for the patience she had in waiting for so much time. She had one thing to say, "your daughter wanted to be delivered normally" :)

The pic of my daughter that I took in the nursery is a private one, rests only with me. But here are a few more that took afterwards on the day (and later when) we Christened her "Sahana", with the nick name Mish.
Sahana Shrivastava


  1. Superb!! This got to be the best one of your's till date!! :)

  2. Hey Milind,

    Congratulations on becoming a father :) That's awesome.

    "Your daughter wanted to be delivered normally" ~ It made me smile :)

    Look at her, so cute and charming :) Wow... I can't think how much you excited. YOU SHOULD BE! Well, I will know for sure in future ;)

    Thanks for sharin' your moments and have a wonderful week mate :) I know, for sure.


    1. Thanks Mayura!! Good to see you drop by here and go through the post :)

  3. She is beautiful my friend. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading of your joy. Take care.

    1. Hey John,
      So nice of you to drop by the post. Thanks for the wishes n compliments :-)


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