Saturday, March 23, 2013

Developer in Paris : 5/6

The Opera house was still putting us to dreams, less we knew there were sights much seductive to come in the rest couple of days. We were still afraid of what will happen to the plans to visit the Eiffel. We kept hearing the "you should visit" and "something not to leave" every now and then about the world famous monument.

We decided to postpone it till Friday as Thursday evening also seemed enough busy not to get time. Spending time with the teams was much fun and made the visit worth. And no I wasn't trying to hide the fact that the major and much awaited visit was still a bit away.

Friday was going to be a bit rushy, specially since we planned to leave a little early for the Eiffel and may be one more place if we had time to. We finally managed to get thru the last day in Paris office very nicely, completing all the meetings that we had planned. When it was time, it was difficult to leave people here. Its been just a week and the bonding already showed. So it was farewell to the office and all the colleagues, hoping a few would visit us in India in the coming time.

And finally we embark on our journey to the Eiffel. Office, Hotel, Metro and in some time we were at a place were we could see it from some distance. A tuk tuk ride and we find ourselves at the place, just below it and it was time for some cam action. Taking pictures is fun but it becomes difficult when the building or a structure is as big as this one.

I tried some tricks and here is a view I was able to click from my phone camera. You may find a better high def version on my Facebook profile. The charm of some buildings/monuments is that you just keep them in the visibility. Less care about the vicinity and irrespective of the cold weather and the chilly wind. And on top I forgot to carry my gloves and the cap. Even the ear plugs just to protect my ears with this wind.

The next wait was for the darkness to settle in so we could see the Eiffel in all lighted up. We decided to walk around a bit in the mean time. And the river on the other side of the road was just the attention we required. For otherwise it was difficult to wait, the wind was catching up a little and was getting chilly. We were close to the Eiffel but didn't realize the other side of the road would present a little far but just as lovely a view. In fact it seemed better than the one close. A couple more before we heard the water, to what seemed a backyard. Stairs? yeah sure and we get down to be a little closer to the river. Wonderful sight as would be obvious:
Here is a panoramic view I had from the river side. So while this was just as fascinating, I nearly lost my breath the moment I turned. The view was worth a life. And you could compare it to the view one would have of the Taj on a full moon night.
As you see the sight was just awesome and the click as much difficult. I leave it to you to decide how good the click was ;).

And this was it. We take the metro back to the Hotel. Dinner and stuff packing were still to be done. And yes, there is this post to be finished and published. Hope you enjoyed the series. I have a flight to catch tomorrow morning so I think its time I put the post to an end and hit the button above that says "Publish" ;)

Paris, thanks for having us. It was fun!! 
Farewell !!


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