Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Developer in Paris : Day 2

Not a surprise that the mornings are a little early when you are away from home. Making sure I don't sleep till 11pm was good enough to avoid the jet-leg. But waking up at around 5:30 or 6 in the morning made sure I miss home that much. But it also meant I was able to make it to breakfast at a time I expected, even when I was slow getting ready. The breakfast was much welcomed after a really good night sleep.

Although we had the navigation printed for our way to the office, a check with the hotel reception was anyways a good idea. In 2 min we had a Paris map with the road color marked. But then what's the fun in a new place if you don't get lost a bit. The streets here are very similar to what you find in the main New York area in US or may be in some parts of main Delhi. One wrong turn and although you are always in reach, you keep losing yourself in the area. We did. We were just that. Lost !

Finding your way is tough if you feel a little short on the local language of the place. While a few people didn't entertain, we had some people willing to walk us to the place till they knew the way. Loosing our self wasn't that bad after all ;). Finally at the office, we might have waited a bit longer at the main entrance if the guy from the sales team didn't come. The entry is via a code that we obviously didn't know.

We were a little early in the office and while Paris was already fun with the visit to the city last day, much welcome was still awaited in the minutes to come. A few minutes we had people coming in and the warm welcome we received was wonderful. Going around the floors to meet different team was excitement and with each team it was fun to interact. Finally meeting the people, we do a video call everyday, in person is a different story and people who work in geographically apart teams would know this.

The picture you see here is the All-Hands-on place and if you are in team, I don't need to say more :). Meeting different teams and seeing them in person is always fun, either its a personal visit or a professional one. Finding a seat for yourself is not difficult when everybody in the team wants to have you by the side. 

Did we meet everyone yet? Yes and No! So certainly looking forward to exchanging a few words of "How" and "When" and "Why" as and when possible during the stay. Keep reading :)


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