Thursday, March 21, 2013

Developer in Paris : Day 3

Coincidences don't happen everyday, but when they do; they may be accompanied by their colleagues as well. So while everyone agrees that this was never planned, we were lucky to find a few colleagues from China and Russia visiting the Paris office during the same time as us. We couldn't have asked for a bigger surprise. Although those who are on holidays are dearly missed.

So while there is work to keep an eye on and the visit to Eiffel still pending, the time in between the meetings is spent searching for people I may have worked with in some project or other. The idea is obviously to meet as many people as possible during the stay, with priority to those whom we interacted with on gtalk some time or other. Just so the chats find a face to get attached to.

The weather was comparatively good and we had a nice view of the sun if only for a couple of hours. So we decided it was a good option to visit the Eiffel. The Paris weather is as good as the mirage that you see in the Arabian desert. It may well be sun literally bathing you in the light, the moment you are set with the plan..clouds open to listen well and spoil the game. We were told it isn't a good idea to be visiting the Eiffel today for the fun will be spoiled by the rain which was very uncertain and it stayed that way for the rest of the night. No happy about cancelling our plan to the so awaited visit, we actually had no choice.

Choices are as good in numbers as the people around you. So while the Eiffel had to wait for us, our friends and colleagues had plans for hang around with them for a few drinks and take us to a French restaurant with suitable food for us. The drinks and dinner and the whole time was much fun. Thanks to everybody who hung around. It kept raining and we kept enjoying ourselves with the group. (Ali, I told you your hood was in the way ;) )!

Pronunciation is a a bit of a problem when you are in this part of the world. Not that the other things are easy, but they are fun too. I decided I keep the logo of the restaurant with me, just a token of my visit. So the guy (seemed like from Popeye' family) is here and 
you may say "Hi".  The night was awesome and the rain finally stopped. Good time to leave for the Hotel and give our cheeks and jaw some rest. We had a good laugh over a lot of things(a hint for a few people and talks I didn't want to mention here, concerned ones understand ;) ). 

And how could the night be over before we discover a new dish or thing especially while we were in the company of a few people who know the place and things so so well. And yes I am really not good at remembering the names but that's why I keep the cam handy. Here is a sneak peak to the desert that seems very famous and contains some really tasty fruits. Take you time with the mouth watering dessert and I will tell you in next part to what happens to the Eiffel plans!!


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