Friday, March 22, 2013

Developer in Paris : Day 4

Middle of the week already and we haven't had a chance to visit too many places. The silver lining was that the meetings with a few people and just some unofficial chat with the others were going really well. People back home have been asking if the weather has been a problem. Seriously not as bad as we expected it to be.

So while the Eiffel visit was still in the pipeline (yeah unlucky sorts for now), we were getting a good look of a few more things. We decided a little and quick visit to La Défense is a good idea. And what a good idea when you have someone to take us thru the way and tell us little stories about the few places we went to (Thank you Hicham :) ). 

For example the structure (rather the building) that you see here is the world's largest for a built up that's without any pillar support. So the bow structure (or the arc down) that you see if not supported by any pillar whatsoever. The structure is very big for that sense and in case you are interested its just sits on the other side of the La Défense mall. You may find a short cut from the make up store if you are actually inside the mall. Walk straight thru the store for the exit on the other end. And just on the left of the picture there is a big stature that will be of interest in case you would want to see the view of Paris with the Arch de Triumph in it. The absolute top of the place presents a wonderful view I am told. And it is really high. A 
Image Credit:wiki
sample of the skyline from the La Défense is here on the right. The night view I am sure will be much more seductive.

Not much time since it was the afternoon and we took the time from our lunch time. So we decided to hurry back as we were required to take the subway two times in order to be able to reach the office. Fun all the way it was!! The ride in the metros (subway) has been fun. I don't think the frequency of the rides have been the same in India. Figuring out the route was much of a challenge and winning the bet when you get it right is much more enjoying.

Come evening and there were some plans as well. We were being taken for another tour in the streets for some wonderful views and dinner at a Libanese restaurant. I will leave to you to figure out the pronunciation of the hotel. All I can be of help is a nice clear picture of the entrance.

The food we found was very good and stuffing. The company that we had was just the icing on the cake. It was nice to be able to walk the streets with the guys especially when we met them after some good gap. The fiddling with the menu cards at the restaurants have been made easy this time again like yesterday. Food and desserts finished, we decide a walk to the opera house. I am told its as beautiful as anything during the night with all the lights. We do a 5 minute walk to find ourselves in arguably the most expensive place in the area we were in.

But did we complain on this? No not at all and there was no second thought about that as well. What we saw in front of us was just eye catching and glittering at the same time. Not sure if what I captured above was more glittering and rare or the trio who were generous enough for a walk that evening with us. In case you are wondering, here they are :). Thank you guys, we just loved the time!!


  1. And it was a real pleasure for us too! :-D
    Your blog is awesome and you write very well, so it a pleasure to read it!

    1. Thank you so much Nico for stopping by my blog and having the time to read and comment :)


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