Friday, August 29, 2014

Flavour Basket: Your Recipe Friend!

Did someone notice I talked about another blog taking most of my time lately in the last post? At least the actual owner of that blog did notice that I didn't make "enough" mention of the blog and in fact there was no mention of the name. And for obvious reasons there was no chance of repeating "what's in a name" ;)

A few months earlier while enjoying the tasty dinner I have got so used to now; I casually mentioned to my better half if she considered having a site where she would be able to share the recipes with people. Though I knew the idea crossed her mind on several occasions but the final credit rests with me on finally putting the thought to the table. The egoistic feeling wasn't long lived though as the next thing in line was to find a name for the blog. This isn't the first time we were fighting over a name. A couple of suggestions(though good ones from my side) were down down, we finally settled on another good one from the home ministry. It was all set for the showdown!

Flavour Basket; that' the name!! 

Flavour Basket: Your Recipe Friend!

With the site well set, my wife was all geared up for the new busyness she was to get. Flavour Basket' Facebook page was also set for promotion. By the way, we are just one like away from the first hundred! Flavour Basket' admin wasn't comfortable with the look of the site, unless she started receiving calls and messages about how well the site came up. That at least settled a few butterflies in my stomach as my choice on the look was finally getting appraised ;).

While the confectionery items recipes are the hot favorites on the site, a few others (especially) like the spicy chaat items are doing the circles as well. We did receive a boost when Flavour Basket' guest blogging started on a good note. We received a few sweet recipes but as well some spicy Indian kitchen items. There are items for quite a few occasions, especially the family gatherings, the small kitty parties or those urgent Kitchen trips courtesy the uninvited guests. Though my favorite has been the donuts (and so too for quite a lot of people, who have tasted them), feel free to choose your own favorite. My colleagues have referred to them as Sahana Donuts; not a bad choice either but I prefer to be quite on this christening, at least for now!

Have fun in the Kitchen with these recipes and yes, comments are welcome :) !!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In The MeanTime...

A year and nearly 2 months since I hit the publish button in this space. People have been asking if I am already done here. The answer to this question for now is a no. Since the last time I posted things have been rather busy both at the personal as well as professional front. And if you have been following part of the attention has been to the other blog, but more on that later. Soon after the last time something was drafted here, the news on professional front wasn't that good so the focus shifted on winding up the things and then later in the year in the search of another place. 

Sahana First BirthdayIn the meantime Sahana turned one and there were huge preparations to be done. After a lot of search the party place was finalized. The actual birth date was falling in the auspicious days period so it was decided to prepone the function and celebrate the birthday on the date which was also the birth date, but according to the Hindu Calendar. The day long event went really well. Good food, dance, enjoyment were all that marked the day. The little one wasn't quite aware of the proceedings but was happy to have her cousins to play with. The photos will stay there for her to admire when she starts understanding :). Coincidentally, its the same thithi today so as per Hindu Calendar its Sahana' birthday as well !!

2014 started with a new place and challenges, a personal loss and life has been here n there. Meanwhile Sahana has been getting naughty all the while. Keep up with me on Facebook to get all the photo updates of the little princess :)
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