Saturday, September 20, 2014

And She Turns 2 !!

Pretty much around the same time last year we celebrated Sahana' first birthday with you all. You joining us in the party meant the icing on the cake. A few people missed out and we were really sad not have them. Nonetheless for the ones who joined us hope you had fun. The birthday girl was a little unaware of the proceedings; for obvious reasons :).  That meant that the people who especially came to meet her were a touch disappointed. The little princess was quite comfortable with dad and had no plans or time for anybody else.
Sahana's First Birthday
The memories are still fresh, not only with me and family but even with the guests whom we were lucky to have back then. This year the small celebration was a bit restricted for the close family people. And unlike last year the venue was our home. The excitement was no less; more so because the birthday girl now understands things quite a bit more than the last year. So while it was tough to find a birthday dress last time, we had a more tough outing this time around. The birthday girl wanted to try out the different dresses and it was difficult to confront her. Five dresses tried; a few more just looked at and although she was getting a 
Sahana Turns 2
bit tired with the outing we were amazed with the excitement she showed. We were really outdone having her agreed on one although as you look on the left the dresses (coincidentally all shares of pink) were really difficult to decide on. Each one better than the other!!

We however decided on a couple others as daddy's girl finally settled on a white with polka dots and another one more suited for evening parties :) and the parents were pleased to finally stop jumping from one shop to the other; more so because the settled on dresses suited more to the budget ;).

There was a stunning similarity to the birthday cake for the last and this year' party. In the looks I mean!! But while the first birthday cake was prepared by a five start chef, this year' surprise item was courtesy Flavour Basket' chef Shruti Shrivastava :). I leave you with the cake pic  to admire on !!
Flavour Basket Doll Cake
Yummy right? You bet ;)
Here is the little Princess' birthday look, enjoy and thanks for all the loads of blessings that you send to us; that just made the day all the more special. And She Turns 2 !!
Sahana' Birthday Look
And I finally leave you with the day' menu that was once more sponsored by Flavour Basket. Trust me it was quite a few times more yummy than what the pic here presents :)
Dinner By Flavour Basket

Monday, September 1, 2014

Childhood Revisited

I was near the main gate of my house just trying to open it up. The noise thus made was enough to let someone' sharp ears make all the required jiggle. Even before I managed to enter and in turn close the door, there was a sweet chirping sound. I turned to find her standing near the entrance to my living room. I could see an all happy face and eager eyes.

Mish was back after a 15 day visit to her maternal grandparents. Tough days for me to go by without her in the house; especially not getting the usual welcome as I come back home from office. So while she was back this Sunday morning, it was all "papa aao".. "papa come" and "aye papa" all through the day. That however didn't stop her from noticing that the rain started to fall. Couldn't blame her as after quite a few days it was raining well so the fall sound was enough to be noticed even while we were inside the house.

Not that the rain wasn't welcomed by me; its been a hell lot of wait for proper monsoon this year; but I was just about waiting for my little princess to get started to pull me and ask for a rain bath. The rain somehow makes her go ga-ga over the weather. She is all set to go out there and enjoy the fall. And I knew it was hard to make her stop; no matter what. That didn't stop me from trying a futile way to do the impossible. My mother was quick to notice that it was in vain. I asked why and "I never succeeded anyway...".

It was true, no matter what it was hard to stop me being away from the rain as far as I can remember. As a child (not as small as her) I would cycle around my society for a good  30-40 min as it rained; whenever it rained. I just couldn't stop myself getting under the fall. Not a choice.. at all !! So it was pretty evident that my daughter was just as rigid to go out there and have fun. On second thought I think I had enough of a resistance from myself and it was time. Childhood revisited !!

Not that it was the only occasion, but I will leave the rest for some other time maybe. For the moment it was just the rainfall and a naughty kid to handle. Enjoy the pic :)
Childhood Revisited

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