Friday, July 3, 2015

Parenthood: A glance down the childhood memory lane

Given a chance to be a kid around this time I am sure to have been a very tantrum throwing kind of a child. One that makes sure the attention is all his from everyone available around. As curious as kids could be. Ask my mom and she sure to confirm that this was actually true some 30 odd years back. It probably became a habit of her to expect the unexpected from me; not that I was always trying to be what I finally used to find myself as.

Fast forward to some 30 odd years ahead; I find myself in probably the same shoes as my parents and Mish in probably the same cute small shoes that I was in. You look at her and you instantly know there is something mischievous going on inside that otherwise cute thought process of her mind. And then lately her habit of pulling up a surprise here n there amazes me.

Her first haircut (the look after captured here in the pic) was (as I assumed) was all going to be a catastrophic exercise for the parlor. Instead what turned out to be was quite a dream I still fail to trust in. The storm passed by without a sound. No hiccups nothing..seriously not expected by her standards ;). Anyway, at the end it was like we both (me and wifey) settled with a deep breath and a little brush of index finger to wipe that sweat off our forehead. Not that we are complaining..seriously not. Stumped !!
Mish and her Hair Cut

A few days later; she starts her school. I couldn't understand, but the excitement inside me was a lot more than just a few more beats per min inside my chest. I mean, I know I am getting older but a kid who is ready for school is just out of this world. The excitement may go down after a few days; but this is just fun!!
Then to know that in her first 2 days while the majority of the class was crying and looking for their parents; she was quiet and then chirpy and then dancing to all tunes played and could go up on the stage and still be dancing and posing for all the photos being clicked is probably the biggest relief. 2 days and all the teaching staff know her name. On being asked her name she says "princess Sahana". I am still undecided if I should be scared ;)
Its fingers crossed for now !!
Mish starts School


  1. C'mon she's a cutie, she can't be reason for anyone to get scared..btw, it's always a delight to watch kids..makes u jump down ur own memory lanes...nice writeup..


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