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A blog that came out as a hobby and getting started kind of a thing. Its not daily or with targets that I post, but as and when there is some event to share I start hitting my keyboard harder. And that' why I thought the best name I could give to this blog was 'All in a Day'. Since every post, as I assumed at the time of starting of this blog, will be about that day, that event which gave me something to share here.

About the Author
My name is Milind Shrivastava and I am the person behind this blog.

A Bachelor in Physics from Delhi University and holder of MCA (Master of Computer Applications) degree from Indraprastha University Delhi, I am a Software Engineer by profession. I have been in the IT industry for a little over 6 years now. I have worked with HCL for most part of my career and now stationed at ApnaCircle Infotech Pvt Ltd (My ApnaCircle profile) since more than a year now.
I have recently started blogging and this is my first blog. This blog is about the events that may be taking place in my life or the thoughts that come out from those events. Personally I am a fun loving guy.
If you have some suggestions on the improvement of this site or some comments for my posts, please feel free to put them in the comments section. I would love to hear from you about your blogging experiences in the comments section of my posts.

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Hope to see you soon in contact on this blog/web networks.

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